Thousands Are Falling For This AI Scam (SightCare)

Fake Products like SightCare are using AI to scam you



The below video is not a human. It’s an AI.

SightCare is the most advanced scam I have ever seen.

They have got everything. This scam uses a combination of ChatGPT, deepfake videos, real research, SEO marketing, and social proof.

The scam almost fooled me.

I first saw the scam as a rumble ad. The ad promised a natural and cheap alternative to glasses or lenses that has nothing to do with meds, surgery, or expensive treatment.

The ad claimed the method was research-based and companies are “hiding it”. It was well-designed and it got my attention.

I clicked on the ad. The ad led me to a sales funnel page. The page had a video of a person supposedly claiming to be “David Lewis”, an award-winning eye specialist with 37 years of experience.

Scam page

David shared his (fake) story of almost going blind. He played to one’s emotions and sympathy…




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